Vadym Halaichuk took part in a discussion about the consequences of the prohibition of VKontakte

Upon the initiative of the ALL-UKRAINIAN PUBLIC ORGANIZATION «UKRAINIAN BAR ASSOCIATION» (UBA)  Hillmont Partners’ representatives  took part in a discussion regarding the restriction of access to certain internet resources in Ukraine, specifically with regards to rights and freedoms enshrined by the Constitution and international acts of Ukraine. 


Vadym Halaichuk, Partner, shared  experience of the European Court of Human Rights regarding grounds for vindication of the Ukrainian position.


“There is basis for the sanctions, which were applied in our country, but it should be considered how to avoid accusations of political motivation in the establishment of constraints,”  –  Vadym Halaichuk.


The discussion included topics such as the lack of a systematic legal approach to information security, the lack of viable Ukrainian alternatives to Russian online resources, and the lack of attention from the state with regards to education programs and the development of critical thinking among the younger generation.


The participants agreed on a common position that every limitation of rights and freedoms must be based on the law and be reasonable, predictable and proportionate.


More information can be found here – UBA.