Taras Tertychnyi

Taras has over 15 years of serving international companies in Ukraine and managing international legal matters on behalf of Ukrainian companies. 


At Hillmont Partners, he manages a team advising and representing clients in matters involving international financing, investments, corporate governance, international contracts, employment, and IP rights.


Prior to joining Hillmont Partners, Taras spent almost 10 years with the leading international law firms, his latest position being the head of dispute resolution practice in the Kyiv office of CMS (Reich-Rohrwig Hainz).


Taras’ clients benefit from his experience in complex cross-jurisdictional disputes, including arbitration, litigation, investigation and asset recovery operations on an international level. This provides him with an eye for risks and vulnerabilities of each structure or transaction the client is considering to use in Ukraine.


With Taras’ advice our clients are able to make a well-informed decisions on  implementing the best options to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities that ensure the sustainable development of the client’s business in Ukraine and abroad.

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