Victor Makoviy

Victor is director, lawyer, specialist in the field of management of foreign economic activity and legal support for mergers, acquisitions and other types of changes in corporate structures of companies. Victor has worked as a lawyer at CJSC “Peremoga” and as a specialist of control over foreign economic activities and legal support of international treaties in the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine. He was Head of the Legal Department at the State Aviation Service of Ukraine, Advisor to the President of the SE “UATK” and Director of the Legal Department of “UTair-Ukraine”. He specializes in the sphere of pre-trial dispute settlement and represents clients in all courts (general jurisdiction, commercial and administrative) and in law enforcement and regulatory agencies.


Victor graduated from the Institute of International Relations (T. H. Shevchenko KNU). He is a part-time lecturer at the Police Finance and Law Academy.


He is responsible at Hillmont for overseeing the drafting of contracts, agreements, protocols and normative legal acts.





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