Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Domestic corporate disputes in Ukraine often straddle a number of legal dimensions requiring specialists in Commercial, Administrative, Civil, Criminal and, in some circumstances, Constitutional Law. Hillmont draws on its multitalented team with rich and diverse experience in each sphere to provide clients with the optimal path to resolution, whether it is one or a combination of:


  • Preparation of claims and representation in the Commercial Courts of Ukraine
  • Robust representation in cases involving the police, prosecutor’s office and National Anticorruption Bureau
  • Representation in front of the tax authorities and in the Administrative Courts of Ukraine
  • Constitutional claims and representation in the Constitutional Court of Ukraine upon exhausting all other domestic remedies
  • Conducting out-of-court negotiations.


Additionally, Hillmont works with top international law firms across the world in defending the interests of its clients in major cases of cross-border litigation. Our Finance team offers tailored financing packages in the event clients wish to reduce the financial burden of such litigation. International remedies include:


  • International arbitration in the (ICAC)
  • Asset tracing and multi-jurisdictional liquidations
  • Representation in the European Court of Human Rights


In the last year Hillmont’s team has represented clients in litigation worth several hundred million dollars both domestically and internationally.